"Hope you boys brought some snow with ya!"
Over the Winter of 2019, Colorado received a record-breaking amount of snowfall. All winter long, the snow just kept coming. By June, Colorado's remaining snowpack was rated at 751% of the historical average. Rivers were pumping, drought restrictions were lifting, and up in the mountains, my friends and I were skiing.

On a sunny day in late August, Troy Nygren and I lit out to see how much of this legendary snowpack was left. We staged our adventure in a popular area of Rocky Mountain National Park, loading up with some uncommon gear for Summer. We stepped onto a crowded tour bus and began our hike past miles of confused faces in search of  our Summer snow.

A long white ribbon greeted us at the summit of Flattop Mountain- enough snow to get us all the way down to an alpine lake - the perfect cure for a long, heavy hike. After skiing down, we dove into what was easily the coldest water I've ever swam in, finishing our triathlon with a chilly swim in the sky.

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