"Hope you boys brought some snow with ya!"
Over the Winter of 2019, Colorado received a record-breaking snowfall. All winter long, the snow just kept coming. By June, Colorado's remaining snowpack was rated at 751% of the historical average. Rivers were pumping, drought restrictions were lifting, and up in the mountains, my friends and I were skiing.

On a sunny day in late August, my buddy Troy Nyrgren and I lit out to see how much of this legendary snowpack was left. We hit the trail in a popular area of Rocky Mountain National Park, loaded down with some uncommon gear. We stepped off a crowded tour bus and began our hike past miles of confused faces in search of our Summer snow.

Arriving above flattop mountain, we were excited to find more than ample snow pack to get us all the way down the other side of the mountain and into an alpine lake, the perfect cure for a long, heavy hike. We dove into what was easily the coldest water I've ever swam in, and reveled in our pool in the sky.

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