In early 2022, Liesl Lar had never been on a road bike, but when she and her husband Townsend pressed pause on a difficult fertility journey, they knew they would need another challenge to focus their energy on. When a friend of theirs mentioned they were training to ride the 105-mile Fistful of Dirt gravel race in Cody, Wyoming, they went all in.

After months of fertility treatments and bedrest, training for the race transformed Liesl. Townsend had done a few bike races in the past, and over the course of six months they grew closer as they gained the skills and confidence to tackle the Wyoming gravel

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Women's Health Magazine
Josh Wolff
Bill Strickland
Josh Wolff
Allen Krughoff
Francisco Aliwalas
Josh Wolff
Drone Cinematography
Allen Krughoff
Elliot Whitehead
2nd Camera
Elliot Whitehead
Joseph Storch

Filmed in Cody, Wyoming 

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