New Balance - Run Your Way
Living in Boulder, the trails are crowded with prolific athletes. It feels like every other person you meet is either a professional athlete, or performing at nearly the same level as one.
When I was younger I found myself constantly comparing myself to what other people were accomplishing on the same trails I call home. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve seen how that comparison has harmed myself and my own relationship to the land that I love. I’ve come to understand that for each of us, there is a unique and beautiful way to engage with the natural world.
As I’ve leaned into who I am and why I want to be outside, my running practice has transformed from a competitive comparison to a means of exploring the natural world around me, and carrying my cameras into spectacular positions.

New Balance
Outside Media
Direction, Edit
Elliot Whitehead
Jeff Jones
Nick Leen
Elliot Whitehead

Filmed in Boulder, Colorado.

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